Friday, July 28, 2006

One Finished Item, Two To Go

I finished my dishrag, but haven't used it. The M-D knitters say it is a sin not to use handmade items. I'm going to have to get it wet one of these days. It was fun to knit. Because I don't know anyone who would use it for it's intended purpose, I may not make another.

I started on a bib, just to check out my gauge. Then I found out I have a new cousin who must need knit things. So off I go.

Meanwhile, my second pair of socks on two needles are progressing. Lucy wanted her foot in the photo too. I did the heel in short row, instead of making a flap with gussets. It looks like it fits okay. I'll have to try wearing them, before I make a final call. The pattern is a simple lace rib. I'm pretty sure I got it from Wendy, as I've gotten several good hints from her site.

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Diane said...

Looks like Lucy is giving you a hint ..... "Hey where's my sock?"