About Me

In 1986, I tried knitting to offset frustration I was feeling about my day job. Through knitting I achieved the productivity that was lacking in my career, and to this day it makes me feel calm and peaceful.

I am lucky to live on a farm in Michigan's UP with my husband and our four-legged companions. We have two dogs, two cats, two horses and an assortment of fish.  Lucy is a 7 year-old Gordon Setter and Taboo is an 11 year-old field bred English Springer Spaniel. When not chasing birds and squirrels, they live in the house.



The horses are my passion. I am continually learning to ride dressage with my 9 year-old quarterhorse Will.  He is turning out to be an all purpose horse and we are learning to jump and explore the trails too. Our elderly paint horse Patch keeps Will company and goes on the occasional trail ride.