Monday, August 28, 2006

Finished Objects - Plural!

I had an extremely productive weekend. I finished FIVE, or if you count the socks as two, or SIX items.

The felted fish is done. It has been unfinished for over a year. I quickly knitted a medium sized box from the Mason Dixon Knitting book to felt along with the fish. Next, I sewed up my MD baby kimono, and braided two cords to tie the edges together. Then I sewed a button and a teddy bear patch on the baby bib. And, finally, I used Elizabeth Zimmermann's sewn cast off on a pair of lacy rib socks.

I made the socks using the toe up two socks on two needles pattern. And, instead of making a heel flap with gussets, I did a short row heel. I liked this method and will definitely do this again. Although I kind of miss the portability of a small project on double pointed needles.

It felt so good to finish all those projects. I even wondered what had kept me from those little chores before. I know there is something about sewing that I don't like. And, I'm still not sure that the braided ties on the little kimono was the right way to go. Now, I need to mail it off to my cousin before her little girl grows too big.


Sandy said...

Hi, Kathy. Thanks so much for the comment! Your FOs look great--I especially like the baby stuff. :)

randi K design said...

baby's jacket and bib is adorable!