Saturday, April 02, 2011

2KCBWDay6 Aspirations

What do I aspire to do? Well one thing that is unrelated to knitting is to blog mo' better. I'd like to put down my thoughts about books I read and what's going on in our natural world and how my knitting and art and riding are progressing.  Well I guess that sort of relates to knitting. This week's experience has been fun, and I've found a couple of blogs I'd like to emulate. Maybe 2KCBW will be my jumping off place. That would be cool.

I hope no one notices that I skipped day 5. I decided to jump back on instead of trying to catch up.

Strictly relating to knitting, I would love to one day purchase and knit a bohus sweater.  I tried the bohus hat and found the pattern to be a little frustrating to knit. But it was worth it to see those little purl stitches pop.

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