Monday, February 01, 2010


Here I go again! I'd like to post more regularly, and since my knitting doesn't provide enough material for the blog, I'm going to include more about regular life. Reviewing past projects is helpful, except when I leave out details. Like exactly HOW did I cast off the binding for the Mr. Greenjeans sweater? It turned out so neat and tidy and has just the right amount of tension.

We had a January thaw which, thankfully, allowed Matt to get some control over the ice dams on the roof. The warm spell was followed by some bitter cold. I've been keeping the horses in on nights colder than 10, especially if the wind is strong. I figure Patch deserves shelter. It's more work, but I kind of like grooming the horses after supper. When I feed hay last thing before bedtime, I have to walk out the end of the barn and look at the stars.

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