Thursday, June 11, 2009

Lying, Stinking Swatch!

I knit a gauge swatch, really I did. After knitting both of the sleeves for the grey cardigan, I find they're smaller than I expected. I measured, and yep 7 st/in instead of 6. I blocked it thinking the yarn might "bloom". Nope. Still seven stitches per inch. I already did the ribbing for the body. So I increased to 230 stitches and changed the needle from a size 2 to size 3. I'll do a few inches and see if it's closer to six.

Because I think I may have to frog the body, I didn't invest the time in making the little cables. I'm doing a seven by one rib with seed stitch ribbing. I'm thinking i'll do an attached i-cord down the fronts (perhaps for a zipper?) and a seed stitch polo collar.

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