Saturday, July 05, 2008

Lake Effect Socks II

I finished my second pair of socks using CTH's Sockittome yarn. I didn't have enough, so I did the toes and ribbing in a different yarn. They are the first "plain" socks I've done. No patterning whatsoever. They fit well, but the leg is a little short. I simply started ribbing when I ran out of lake effect yarn. Also, the ribbing flares out a bit. I should have gone down a needle size, but I was using 0 at the time. Maybe next time I'll reduce the number of stitches by 4 or 6.


Lake Effect Socks Part II

Plain socks toe up using Wendy Johnson's heel flap. Knit two at a time on two circulars.

Yarn: CTH Sockittome Lake Effect and Universal Yarn Pace in kiwi.

Needles: Options size 0

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