Tuesday, March 29, 2011

2KCBWDay2 Skill Set

Things I learned this year. Up a level? Well, I'm trying to get a grip on gauge and getting a garment that fit. Last year I made two perfectly wonderful garments that didn't fit. The first was a sweater for me, Mr Greenjeans. Wonderful pattern, wonderful yarn, Cascade 220, but it was a little too small. I simply didn't get it that 36 inches was too small around.  And the length is too short. It would work if it was longer, but I keep tugging at it. Darn it.

Secondly, I made an Elizabeth Zimmermann Tomten Jacket for my friend's boy. Close, but no cigar. The arms were too long and skinny and the body was a little short. What is it with me and length.

Now I'm working on another sweater for me. A top-down-set-in-sleeve using Rowan Felted Tweed. So far it looks pretty good. The sleeves might be a little wide at the top. I won't know until I work them a little more.

Tomten II is going a little better, but I haven't checked with the actual boy yet. 

What's changed? I double checked my gauge and I'm following the pattern instead of making up my own. (duh). I figure this is an important skill: letting someone else do all the math.

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