Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Not Knitting

Wow, I haven't picked up my knitting in weeks! That is unusual for me. I think I did a little beading last week sometime. I'm working on a flat 2" square piece that will be joined with pieces made by other guild members to make a quilt-like hanging. It's to be auctioned off for charity. It's a satisfying craft, but I think I'd better finish it before I forget about it.

I could work on lengthening Simon's jacket, but I have no will to do that. I think I'm going to start from scratch because I just don't like how it fit. Maybe I should try it on Jamie's little girl. I wonder if she'd be offended at the thought of a hand off...I'll have to think of how to present it. Her baby is still small, maybe I should just make something else.

I am partway through a pair of socks. I'm working on the cuffs. Ho Hum.

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