Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Knitting for Charity

I finished my third mitten for the CIC mitten challenge. I decided to try my hand at mittens (I slay myself!) and this challenge caught my attention. I did my first pair using EZ's opinionated knitter. I do not like the curling tip at the fingers. It feels okay on the hands, but is not pleasing to my eye. I'm using a "plain" internet pattern for my second pair. I like how the first one turned out. There is a gusset for the thumb, which is easy enough. However, the after thought thumb was much easier to work. Maybe for my third pair, I'll go back to EZ and do regular decreases for the tip of the mitt.

I do have a wee pair of socks ready to be mailed as soon as I have enough for a package.

I'll post photos later.

P.S. I'm swatching and dithering over shawl patterns. The mitten was lying there.

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