Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Finished Socks

I'll post a photo later. They are sooooo fraternal. Even though I wound two balls and started at the same color spot, the stripes in the Opal yarn didn't match up. Which is okay. Except that I ran out of Opal yarn sooner than expected, causing one sock to have a very long navy blue toe. Originally, I was going to have navy heels and toes on both socks. Note to self: do two at once when you don't have a full skein.


Yarn: Opal sock yarn and Knitpicks Essential
Needles: DPNs size 1

Cast on 60 stitches in cable cast on. Cuff pattern, very firm ribbing. Short row heel in navy, using 30 stitches. Star toe pattern: go to 1.5 inches less than desired foot length. *K8, K2tog* around. Even rows knit plain. Next row *K7, K2tog* around. Repeat sequence until 6 st. remain. Cut yarn and run through the stitches, pull to wrong side.

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