Saturday, January 27, 2007

Red Sweater Photo

I've been busy working on new projects. I started a pair of socks in that nice Opal color: blue with pink and yellow on #2 needles. For a pattern, I'm doing a k5, p1 ribbing on the top of the foot and leg. I'll do a regular ribbing at the top of the leg.

I also cast on for a scarf, using the Yarn Harlot's one row scarf pattern, *k2, k1 TBL, p1* k2. I cast on 26 stitches with my Cascade 220 red yarn and size 4 needles. It might be a little narrow, but it's for me so I'll keep going.

I also bought some wool silk blend to make a gansey. I've been reading Knitting Ganseys, by Beth Brown-Reinsel. Although it's a worsted weight yarn, I'm getting guage using size 2 needles. I'm going to do another swatch in the round, to make sure. The fabric might be too soft and drapey for a gansey. But it feels so nice. I'm wondering if I should do something a little more close-fitting with this yarn.

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