Friday, January 20, 2006


I've been swatching like mad and can't get the "right" guage. I want to get 5 st. per inch to try an E.Zimmermann sweater. If I knit tightly on #5 needles I get 4.75 or 4.8 st. per inch (over 2 or 3 inches respectively). When I tried #4 needles, I got 5.33 st. I knit them rather tightly too. So I'm thinking I may try a swatch cap with #4 needles and loosen up a bit. I'll probably err on the side of too loose, to be comfortable. Hmmmmmm. Here is a FO: the mobius scarf done in garter stitch with Nature Spun Sport yarn on #6 needles. I blocked my swatches using a steam iron. I attacked the scarf with it too, and I like it a lot better now. I had blocked it by soaking and laying it out to dry, but it was still to scrunched up for me.

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